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Who I am


Hello there!

I am MrFishCakes, someone who makes plugins using the APIs provided by md_5 on the SpigotMC website. I code in all three Minecraft server types; CraftBukkit, Spigot and BungeeCord. I have a different variety of resources that are available on SpigotMC but I have decided to open up a website of my own where I can place all of my plugins and where you guys can post the issues that you may find or any requests that you have for plugins. 


Custom plugins are going to be created but they will come with an agreeable price so that we are both happy with what we will be recieving. I will also happily develop with others, just get in contact with me in some way and I'll get back to you and see what we are able to do. Feel free to contact me anytime regarding plugins as I am always open.